Meifu Shinkage ryū kōshūkai 2016

Meifu Shinkage ryū was founded on the teachings of Someya Chikatoshi the founder of the school.

Otsuka soke came to the Netherlands in 2012 to teach for the first time. This year on July 9th and 10th, a full weekend of training will take place in Haarlem.

The seminar is suited for practitioners of all levels and shuriken and chain are available for use on the seminar. If you do like to own your own shuriken or kusari fundo they can be ordered by contacting Arjan Fusō. Your order will be prepared and be available at the seminar.

Saturday July 9th 13:00 – 18:30
Sunday July 10th 13:00 – 18:30

On Saturday evening we are hosting a BBQ at the dojo where can all eat together. It’s a bring your own, so you can bring meat, a salad or drinks for all to share.

Kochokai – Budokan in Haarlem
Jepthastraat 1
2026 WB Haarlem

Saturday or Sunday € 50 a day
or € 90 for the entire weekend

Hotel: Bastion Haarlem
Hostel: Stay Okay Haarlem