Inspired by Kamakura Budōkan (public training-hall for martial arts in Kamakura, Japan) Kochōkai opened it’s doors for practice in Haarlem in 2011. Kochōkai uses an old and common Japanese concept made appropriate for it’s place and time.

Kochōkai provides a lot of free training hours and weekly instruction in Mugai ryū (swordfighting-art) for beginning and seasoned budōka.

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19:30-21:30 – Mugai ryū iaidō
21:45-22:45 Meifu Shinkage ryū shurikenjutsu
19:00-21:00 – Free practice for all budō (appointment only)

Jephtastraat 1
2026 WB Haarlem
Getting there by public transport:
Take bus 14 heading to “Spaarndam” from Haarlem train station and get off at stop “Zwaluwstraat”

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Mugai ryū is being taught by Arjan F. Tervoort.

Besides the weekly training, Kochōkai also organises museumtrips, workshops, seminars en demonstrations on a regular basis.