EKC ヨーロッパの古武道会

De EKC (European Koryu-budo Conevntion) is a platform for koryu budoka training in Europe in authorized lines. The aim of this initiative is twofold:

  • to encourage the academic study of koryu bujutsu and the exchange of ideas among practitioners of kobudo ryuha in Europe.
  • to offer the interested public a serious and accessible platform to learn more about authorized kobudo and get in touch with the respective study groups in Europe.

Apart from a growing network, this takes the form of en event takes place yearly and consists of 2 parts:

  • academic lecture on koryu bujutsu
  • public embu of all the participating schools

Since 2014 Joris van Nispen (founder of the EKC) passed the organisation of the EKC over to Arjan F. Tervoort.

More information can be found on the official convention page.