Unkō ryū 雲弘流

Unkō ryū 雲弘流 was founded by Higuchi Shichiro Saemon in mid 18th century, and specializes in kenjutsu (swordsmanship).

One of the characteristics of this school is the repetition of unadorned and seemingly plain kata looking kata. However, for the execution of these kata, a thorough understanding of combative distance, speed and timing are required.


Currently Unkō ryū is located in Kumamoto, Japan and is led by Inoue Hiromichi Yukumo soke (19th generation headmaster and successor to the school)

The founder studied Katori Shintō ryū and remodeled these teachings into Kō ryū.The style was taught originally within the Okushu Itatsu clan, but was later taught in the Higo clan and renamed Unkō ryū.

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